Do we pay the same attention to all parts of our body?

Today I would like to share a little reflection
Every day we observe our skin when we stand in front of the mirror, we look at our hands, and we distinguish if there is any detail different from the previous day.
If any part of our body hurts or stops working properly we go to the doctor.
We take care of our body by exercising (or at least we know it is important to do so)

Do we pay the same attention to all parts of our body?

What would happen if one morning we would get up and realize that we do not know how to move our fingers? Why is it so normal to find people that don’t know how to activate the pelvic floor muscles then? (And if you don’t know why it’s so important to have a proper activation of the pelvic floor PLEASE check the previous posts)
In the physiotherapy consultation, I like to tell you this story when you tell me that you are not very sure if you activate the pelvic floor muscles when you try , or that you would not know how to draw all the details of your bodies because you have never looked at certain areas.
It is very important to check thoroughly to see if there has been any change and then we should consult with our doctor before it becomes a major problem.
Why is it so difficult for us to perform this simple exploration? Have you ever noticed this?
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