How to recovery after having a baby?


How soon can I start exercising after having my baby?

Well I always say that you should first listen your body because it will tell you once you are ready to start walking longer distances, getting the bags from supermarket, going out for dinner, carry your baby longer… but the regular period you should wait is at least 6 weeks postpartum if you had vaginal birth and your doctor gives you the ok after the 6w check up or 8 to 12 weeks if you had c-section. The recovery after a c-section is a bit longer and it’s needed to follow certain steps first in order to make it safe.

Something that I really need to highlight is that a first assessment with a pelvic floor expert should be done before start exercising at any point after having a baby. It’s really really important to know the condition of your pelvic floor muscles and c-section wound before getting into move, putting pressure in those areas and lifting weight.

What are the benefits of exercising with my baby?

– It is easier to fit exercise into your/and your baby daily routine

– Working out with your baby will give you quality bonding time. We work hard, we laugh, we sing and disconnect from external problems. We play at the same time than sweating extra due to the weight of your baby.

– Our classes helps baby’s development improving muscular strength and motor skills. They Will also socialize with other babies at the same time. This is a real Play Date for everyone.

– The most important is that it creates a healthy family habit. Not only you start feeling healthier, recovered and slimmer. Also your baby feels it and the rest of the family because from Anatomy Rehab we coach you in order to move to a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, changing routines, going out for different healthy activities instead of spending time in the mall or inside the house… so at the end there are many husbands that notice the results in themselves without even coming to our place to exercise.

How can I exercise safely while Babywearing?

Well, for new moms we start with a proper and safe recovery in the first 2-3 weeks when they come for first time to us without carring the baby. Once we see them ready and they start feeling strong and 50% recovered then they choose if they want to start wearing the baby. This is something that you are going to decide once you feel ready. Nobody will push you to carry your baby until you decide if so Regarding the safety I’ll share directly the ABCs of babywearing safety from “The Babywearing International, Inc.”

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