Eva Petkoff

Eva qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2012 From the European University of Madrid and has 8 years of experience working in private practices in Spain, London, Saudi Arabia, and the past two years in Dubai. and holds MSc in Neurological Physiotherapy

Eva has a keen interest in human movement and a strong desire to treat
patients to ease pain, enhance their mobility, strength, breathing, and
overall function.

Eva likes to find the root cause of the problem and treat her patients
using a combination of manual therapy and rehabilitation techniques to
treat both the symptoms and dysfunctions.  She uses the following
treatment basic foundation methods:

-⁠Breathing awareness and personalised techniques
-⁠Functional movement assessments and tools
-⁠Postural assessment and treatment
-⁠Motor Control
-⁠Functional rehabilitation

Eva has a masters degree from European University in Neurological
Rehabilitation 2013 and has been working since  then with  People of
Determination with nervous system pathologies such as Strokes, Spinal
cord injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Guillain barre, Cerebral Palsy,
Parkinson’s disease, and others to assist her patients to:

-⁠Regain movement and strength
-⁠Improve balance and coordination
-⁠Build up stamina
-⁠Improve independence and quality of life

Eva Specialises in:
Neurological Physiotherapy
Sports Injuries
Postural assessments and treatments
Orthopaedic Post and preoperative Physio
Gait re-⁠training
Breathing techniques

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