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Nutritionist Dubai

Our professionals will improve your well-being through nutrition, both for the day to day, as athletes and pregnant women.

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Sport Nutrition

Athletes need a range of dietary strategies to optimize performance. This is best achieved with individualized dietary advice, including specific advice before, during, and after training and/or competition. Dietary needs will vary based on an individual’s exercise and diet history, age, gender, body type and sport. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, along with glycogen, proteins and fat needs become essential in an athletes life for recovery and optimal performance in which it could all be individualized based on the factors listed above.

Pregnancy Nutrition

Nutrition during pregnancy affects the health of the baby and mother. Affects mental development, risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases for years to come, and the child’s preference. In addition, the mothers control of weight during pregnancy helps her go back to her Post partum weight quicker. Also, the mothers diet after pregnancy is very important for her weight loss, energy levels, and risk of diseases. With a few adjustments in diet the mother go back to her pre-pregnancy weight within a few months.

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